Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Catching Up

If you remember, back here I joined a Free Motion Quilt Along and I haven't even posted the rest of the pictures yet!  Lame!  So...FINALLY...FINALLY here they are.  I was so excited to get practicing I actually filled up my whole practice quilt within a day or two, which means I didn't get to practice some of the zig zag designs that came later, but I REALLY liked the curvy designs!!! 

So here's some of my pictures of my ugly practice quilt with my beginners free motion quilting...don't's a first! :)

 Turns out you can't really see any of the dark thread on the dark fabric on the front (imagine that!) why make you look at more pictures of ugly quilting if you can't even really see it!  :)

So there it is...the beginning of my Free Motion Quilting!! Yeah!  I was so nervous about trying to learn on my own, and at least now I know the basics and can keep practicing.

I actually did some free motion on a little practice charity quilt back on this post.  And it actually didn't turn out too bad.

OH!!!  And I can't forget about the amazing book I won as being part of the Quilt Along.  I couldn't believe my luck...of all things to win...this is probably the most useful for me right now.  I received this book from A Few Scraps (who is hosting the Quilt Along) in the mail a couple of days ago! 

SO excited!  I've read every page already, and can't WAIT to try some of their patterns!!!!  Here is a really cute strawberry design.  (it's kind of hard to see from my crappy ummm...not so great pictures.)

And I LOVE the tree design from the cover!!  It's kind of hard to see the quilting, but there are little leaves and branches quilted around the appliques.
Thank you SO much Christina!  I love the book!

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  1. So glad you love the book! Looks like it was a different one than I intended you to receive but maybe that is just the way it's supposed to be! Great first attempt at FMQ, glad you're enjoying it!