Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Results first Friday Night Sew IN!  It was nice trying to just focus on sewing and catching up, but as expected, I still had quite a few interruptions from the kiddos.  They're still little, so they just want to do whatever mom's doing, so anytime I'm in my craft area...they're in my craft area.  But I love it...Lilly loves to play with all of my scraps and line up all of my thread, and she's even asking for her own little sewing machine for her birthday.  That just makes my day!  :)

Although it's just a little one, this is my first COMPLETE quilt.  I tried out my new free motion quilting skills, and this is my very attempt at binding, it didn't turn out that great, but's a first.

Here's the Free Motion turned out ok.

I machine stitched the binding on...and I think it looks pretty bad.  I need help in this area.  If anyone reads this....I REALLY need to find more info on how to do this.  I mean...does everybody stitch their binding on by hand?  I don't know if I have the patience for that.  Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to put on binding by machine??  Or any tips at all???  HELP!!!  Here's some pictures...see for yourself!

And here's some pictures of the completed little lap quilt.  It's my first trial quilt for the kids at the hospital.  The one side is supposed to be like an I-Spy quilt where the kids search for animals and other pictures.  And I put two of each fabric so they can find the matches.  I think next time I'll do more squares and just stitch them all directly next to each other so there's more to look at.
And on the back I used this AWESOME Cars fabric I found which I thought would be perfect for a little kid sitting in bed to play cars on.  I loved that it had little roads! :)
So that's it!  My first complete quilt...(even if it is tiny)  :)  It might not be much...but thanks for a great Friday Night Sew In! :)



  1. Hi Teresa,

    Dropping in from FNSI. If that's the first time you've free motioned you are doing an awesome job. Congratulations on your first quilt finish. Cute backing!

    Love the dog with the flappy ears on that fabric too...reminds me of my girl, Lola.

    Machine binding like everything is a skill. I'll tell you I've machine bound every quilt I ever made except the last one, and I'll be hand binding from now on. It took me about 4 hours to hand bind a 65' x 65' quilt and it looks perfect.

    Give it a go (use ladder stitch ) and see what you think . Oh and I despise hand sewing but once I got in the zone it was actually kinda relaxing.

  2. cute quilt! I have my aunts over 100 yr old quilt frame, she taught me the old way, which is the long way lol but very rewarding

  3. I only hand bind my quilts. I am much too fussy to machine bind my quilts that I spend hours on.

    Your free motion quilting is looking good! Keep practicing!

  4. I think it's lovely! And for such a good cause, good on you!