Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Motion Quilt Along

So I'm finally getting up to date with my first quilt along that I'm participating in.  It's a quilt along to help all of those interested to learn how to free motion quilt...exactly what I need.  :)  At first I thought I might just watch along and maybe not actually participate, partly because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find a darning foot in time.  Luckily the quilt along is very slow paced, meant to be easy going and not stress anyone out...again...exactly what I need.  So I had time to figure out that I CAN use my embroidery foot from my new machine to do free motion quilting with.  (I think my new sewing/embroidery machine is slowly redeeming itself for not having the extras I wanted). : )  And I'm going to post my progress.

Anywhoo...I finally pieced my practice quilt together.  I took the instructions to use your ugliest fabrics to heart.  I picked some stuff that I've had lying around for ever and threw it together.  I even got to practice a little bit.  I've got a LONG ways to go, but it's nice to finally be trying it, and I know I can only get better.

Not real pretty right now...but it's still fun.  : )

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  1. Teresa,

    These are a great start. I like the flower stems with leaves. I need to get a darning foot sometime in the beginning of next week! I want to get started on this too;0)

    As for the scraps, I have a friend that my be claiming them now as she FINALLY is motivated to learn quilting:) Yeay!!! but when I have more I will let you know first before I post anything. Sorry about that.