Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quilted Nook Cover

My sister just got a Nook for Christmas, and after she received all of the little fabric gifts from me, she asked if I could make her a cover for it to match all of the other little goodies.  My answer...of course!!!  Plus, it doesn't hurt that her Birthday is in January, so that makes figuring out what to get her a no-brainer.

So I looked up different tutorials on how to make a Nook Cover.  But I didn't reeeaally love any of the ones I saw.  So, the next time I saw my sister, I traced the outline of the nook onto a piece of paper, with markings wherever the cords attach and the buttons are.  Then I did some math, picked out some fabric and cut out my pieces.  Here's the fabrics I went with:

And here's how it turned out:

Here's the inside:

After I started the embroidery, I immediately wish I hadn't.  I quilted first, and THEN added the embroidery, so it pulled at my fabric, and made some of my quilted lines look bad.  And the font was bigger than I thought, so it takes up a lot more of the cover than I wanted.

AND it turns out my math wasn't perfect, I was 1/4-1/2" short on my inside width, so it ended up a bit tight.  I was nervous it wasn't going to fit at all...but it did...almost perfectly.  I didn't get a picture of the Nook in it, I wish I had.  It looks good, except the 3 open sides leave the chance that the Nook could get damaged.  Sooo...I'm going to be making another one.  Just a sleeve that the whole things can go into.  Kind of feels like a failure if it's not usable...and now I REALLY wish I hadn't embroidered her name on the front, because then at least we could have given it to someone else.

Such is life, you live and you learn.  ;)

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