Monday, October 11, 2010

Out on the Town!

My husband and I actually went out to dinner Saturday....without the kids!  Unbelievable!  It was our friend's birthday, so my niece watched the kids and hubby and I went to dinner, and then to the birthday party.  It was a lot of fun, I convinced my brother to go with us and we really had a blast...(he's HILARIOUS).  Let me put it this way...I spent the majority of the evening on the dance floor...and I'm NOT a good dancer!  I'm just a goof, but that makes it fun! 

So Sunday morning I found out that my niece was going to a Baby Shower with her mom and they hadn't gotten their present yet.  So I said...."ummm...I've got some little girlie fabrics, we could make something!"  So we did!  SHE did!  She did all of the cutting, and I showed her how to use the machine.  It was her first time using a sewing machine!  I was so happy to be able to share that with her.  And I think she really liked it, so I told her to think about if there's anything else she'd like to make and we'll get together and make something else for her.  How fun!  I hope she really likes doing it and catches the 'bug'.  :)

Camera situation update: I got the older camera from my brother...but don't have a cord to upload to my computer.  :(  Man!  I've got so much I want to share, and I CAN'T!!  My sister and I went to Joann's and we found this really cute pattern for making felt fruits and cupcakes and stuff.  My daughter was SO excited.  Thankfully she asked for the banana first, which was a relief because it looked the easiest! :)  I made one Saturday morning, and then she said she needed MORE.  So last night my husband put Matthew to sleep and Lilly and I had a girl's night, just the two of us!  It was so much fun.  We ate strawberry ice cream and watched Strawberry Shortcake...we danced and laughed and then while I made a couple more bananas she used my thimbles and thread spools to set up a tea party for her Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  It was so cute! (Got a picture of that on my camera too!)  :)  She's so adorable...I just love her to pieces!!!  Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a solution for the camera soon.

What a great weekend! (oh! Besides when Lilly got poked in the eye!  Like, a serious poke in the eye!  And husband took off work early to take her to the doctor today!....THANKFULLY it's fine, she just needs some eye drops!  Having kids is scary!  :)  But AMAZING!)


  1. Your night out sounded great! And sharing the sewing experience - how nice it made me happy reading it. I hope you get the camera situation fixed soon - love to see some pics :-) Just joined your blog, it's a great place!

  2. This blog is great too! You are right kids are amazing and scary at the same time - but being a mum is definitely the best thing I've done with my life :)