Friday, October 8, 2010

Back to the blog...

I'm sure you've all missed my wonderful posts and wondered where I've been! :)  Well, I've been here (at home like always) being occupied with the daily 'stuff'

Side note:  my daughter has made a lego "buwer" that she is using to "spit fireballs" at me with.  So funny, she doesn't know the word gun (yet, I'm sure) so she calls it a buwer, because it goes bew, bew, bew...makes sense right? :)

Anyways, back to my infrequency of posts.....I got a couple of things accomplished lately....I made a felt board for my daughter and rearranged her room yesterday so that we could fit it in her room.  And we printed out some fun fairy play pieces that we cut out, and little fairy houses for them.  All VERY interesting stuff, I know!

But I also have been working on a special item that I'm making for Joann Fabrics Craft for a Cause Contest.
If you haven't heard about it, it's a great contest where you make any item of your choice for a charity of your choice, and 5 top winners chosen will receive a $1500 Joann's gift card.  Awesome huh?  I thought so, and since I've been working with the Children's wing of the Burn Center at Harborview Hospital, I figured...Why not???!!!  Sounded right up my ally.  So I'm working on that, and I'm going to kind of leave it as a surprise until I'm finished...I know, you're all on pins and needles here.  :)

Other than that....still bummed about the camera, and missing it a TON.  I've got to get ahold of my brother to get my old one.  I'm missing great pictures of the kids!  Plus...I have nothing to share with you guys!

So that's it...THAT'S what you've all been missing.

How about I leave you with a video of the kids....this is one of my favorites.  So typical, Lillian dancing and acting silly and Matthew...well, being Matthew! :)  (you'll see at the end, don't forget to turn your volume up....and by the way...she's singing 'Who's got the Funk')

 Have a great weekend everybody!  :)


  1. I loved the video! Those hearts across her bottom are too cute - and boys will be boys won't they? :) blessings, marlene

  2. Well at least she is making spitfire balls and not flooding the bathroom floor or peeing in a sand bucket--not that my son did that today:/ I love him, I love him I really, really do!!!

    I thought about doing that Charity thing through Joann's, but didn't. Also wanted to do another contest they were holding, but they wanted all your receipts from the fabric you bought at Joann's--I threw mine away. Who keeps receipts for fabric--you are going to cut it up and say "OOH I didn't like the way that cuts I think I will take it back!!":)

    Anywho talk to you on Tuesday with Natalia!