Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday morning!

I am getting SO bummed about not having a good camera...(I know, you're probably all getting sick of hearing me complain)...but just one last waaaaaaa! :)  I don't even like to post if I don't have fun pictures to share too.  My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, (wow, I didn't realize it was that close!)...anyways, so I'm hoping maybe I can get a replacement as a nice little b-day present. 

{And just as a little side note...Kate, if you've read any of my boo-hooing about the camera, I hope you know I really don't blame David or anything, he's a baby...that's what babies do.  Just like when he drew on the wall with marker the other day that I can't get happens.  :)}

You know what would help a little bit...that wouldn't cost ANY money at all??  If my loving husband would go up to the attic and bring down the old computer so that I can use it to upload pics from the old camera that works with it. (And doesn't with my newer laptop).  Maybe he just needs me to ask him ONE more time.  :)

OH! So I didn't even mention that I had an AMAZING weekend!!!  Friday night was girl's night with little miss.  We rented My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake AND Care Bear movies and spent all night hanging out and watching fun movies.  I LOVE that she's getting big enough to girl's night stuff with me! :) 

And then Saturday my wonderful husband took BOTH kids for a whole day with daddy!  He knew I needed to spend some time working on my charity quilt that needs to be done by the 30th.  So he took the kids out to a fun lunch, then to a movie at the dollar theater, THEN to ice cream and to play on some toys at an indoor play area!!!  They were pooped by the time they got home, but they had SO much fun!  And I made some amazing progress on my quilt!!!  I got the top done, now I just need to sandwich, quilt and bind!!!  YAY!!!  I'm SO excited!  It's really turning out great!!  I can't wait to share pictures with everyone!  And I'm going to contact the hospital to find out how they want to decide who to give it to, since I only have one...for now.  :)

And then Sunday we had a pumpkin carving get-together with the family.  We had everyone over to the house and my husband made his awesome chile and WE all ate way too much Halloween candy and goodies.  And then carved up some humongous pumpkins we got!!  It was really a good time!  And each year when we've all got our pumpkins opened up and cleaned out on the table someone always leaves to do something and they become the first victim of our family humor.....and receives a huge pile of pumpkin guts thrown back into their pumpkin as a nice little surprise when they return.  This year it was my dad....he called us jerks...but it was still pretty funny! :)

I love my family, they're all such a bunch of smartalecs (?)....but it makes getting together so much fun.  We all give each other such a hard time.  Like when Allen (the hubs), cut up his whole pumpkin with a gigantic butcher knife (instead of the little knives used for doing the designs), and everyone was scared he was going to stab the table or hurt himself!!!  He looked like a madman!  (he's great!) :)

What a wonderful weekend!!  And now I'm SO looking forward to finishing my quilt and showing everyone.  And then I've got to make the kids' Halloween costumes! YIKES!!!  Better get to it or they're going to have to wear their costumes from last year!!! :)

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