Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Results

It's almost midnight...and the results are in...I need a vacation!  Okay, so it wasn't totally a wash, but I didn't make any miracles happen here either.  But hey, on the upside I did get through some design issues I'm having.  It's kind of a surprise quilt (I guess), so I was thinking I didn't want to get into too much details about what I'm doing...but I'm hoping it will be like this AMAZING charity quilt for some special little girl at the Burn Center.  It's just a matter of pulling off all of the amazing ideas I have! :)  (Oh....and if I'm going to enter it into the Joanns Contest, I've only got a couple of weeks to finish it up...did I forget to mention that????)  Yeah...I need to get going on it! 

So why, you might ask, am I blogging and not frantically taking this opportunity while everyone else is sleeping to make some progress???  Well, any minute now, I feel like I'm going to vomit!  Yuck!  Not sure what's going on...but I feel pretty terrible, it might be the cup of coffee I had at 9:00 to try and help me energize for what I thought was going to be a wonderfully long night of sewing, or it could be the (little gag) CHILI DOG I had for dinner (and scarfed down so I could get back to sewing)...ooooorrrrrr it could be a combination of BOTH!!  Oh, and because of that lovely little cup of I can't even go in and try and go to sleep...(well, I mean...I tried, but I just tossed and turned...and regretted that cup of coffee).  (oh...and I regret the chili dog too, even though it was amazing at the time.)  :)

And on top of THAT I have this annoying pounding in my left ear that's been bothering me for the last week...and yes, it's specifically my left ear.  I have tinnitus which is generally in my right ear (which is just a bit of ringing), but that just comes and goes and lasts only a couple of seconds, no big deal.  But this is's a pounding,'s annoying, and I think it's making my hearing bad!  What's up with THAT??!??!  Man...if I didn't hate doctors so much I might recommend to myself to go in.  Ah well! :)  I'm sure it'll pass. 

Anyways, kind of bummed I didn't get more accomplished, but there's always tomorrow.


  1. Tereas, hope you're feeling a little better. Your ear sounds like a serios ear infection - maybe you should consider seeing a doctor. NAd there's always a tomorrow for sewing.

  2. hope you get to feeling better, sewing is always waiting on us when ever we're ready

  3. OOOH that stinks about your ear ringing--hope you get better soon!