Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little things for little ones...

What a great weekend...a bit sad it's over so soon...but isn't that always the case.  We had a little get together Sat for Allen's birthday and it went really well.  And Lillian's little friend Kendra came over and her birthday was just last week so I ended up making her a little present.  The girls had such a good time, I can't wait to get them together again soon.

So Lillian has been taking some ballet classes, so I wanted to make her a little bag that she could carry her shoes and things in.  I decided on a little drawstring bag because I thought that would be simple enough for me to start with.  Here's what I ended up with:

She was so excited about it.  It ended up a bit shorter than I wanted, but it was just my laziness, so the next one I made came out much better.  I wanted to applique a picture of some ballet shoes, but I may make a better (bigger) one and do that...so this one is plain for now.

So for Kendra's B-day I made her one and appliqued the letter "K" on the back.  And then I made her a little matching apron with the same Princess Tiana fabric, and a front pocket with a picture of all of the princesses on it, and embroidered her name on the top.  I think she really liked it.  I told Lillian I would make her one too (of course), but as soon as Kendra put hers on she wanted to wear hers too.  So in the middle of everything I took a short break to throw together another little apron for Lilly...unfortunately in my haste, I accidentally spelled her name L-j-l-l-j-a-n on the embroidery on top.  CLASSIC!  She'll never notice but the rest of us got a good laugh out of it. (hey...they were cursive and right next to each other...easy mistake.) : )

Here's Kendra's-

Overall it was a pretty great weekend.  Hope you all had a great long weekend too.  :)

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  1. What a cute bag! Thanks for joining in Talkin' Tuesdays last night! :)