Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I SPY....

An amazing quilt on the horizon!!!  :)  Or at least a mediocre quilt...that I'm going to try to make amazing, but will still be really proud of anyways. ;)

So I found this AMAZING fabric sale this weekend!  I was taking a "quick trip" to Walmart with the fam, and I saw that their entire fabric section was 1/2 the size of normal!!  I said "WHAT??"  They said they're moving locations and not taking any of the cut bolts of fabric with them, which equals=75% all fabric!!!  I just about cleaned them out!  (At least of the good stuff).

Husband wasn't too excited about waiting around with the kids for hours while the slowest fabric cutter EVER cut my cart full of fabric, but he was amazingly understanding...(and that's why I adore him). :)

I even had to go back the next day, because I felt I didn't get quite enough, and thought, you know, you really just can't pass on fabric that's 50 cents a yard!!!  But I think what I was most excited about was the Disney Pixar's CARS fabric ($1.20/yd) that had little roads on it...my first thought was 'PERFECT FOR A QUILT BACK!'.

So I started cutting fabric for my I-Spy quilt for the kids at the hospital. (I know...I haven't finished quilting my first quilt for Lilly...but I'm going to be going to the hospital to drop off other stuff for the kids soon, so I'd like to have a couple of quilts to bring with me.)  Anyways, I am SO excited to get this little quilt going...and it is little, the first two I'm making are going to be about 20" x 28", just big enough to fit on their laps at the hospital and play with.  Especially with the little roads on the back...perfect for playing cars on while sitting in bed! YAAY!!

So here are pics of just some of the fabric I scored on!!! :)  Can't wait to be able to share more pictures of the quilt as I get more done!

Yeah...they even had Marine Corps panels!! What!!!  I've never even SEEN these before, and now they're $1.00 for two square panels!?!  I don't know yet what I'll do with these, but of course, I HAD to buy some! :)


  1. I'm working on an ispy too! I hope it turns out cute... you got some great fabrics there! :)

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower from Trailing Tuesdays. I think your quilt will be amazing!

    Hope you can come by and visit my blog. :)


  3. You really found some cute fabric! :o)