Monday, August 9, 2010

Grocery Bag Holder

I completely forgot to add my pictures of the grocery bad holder I made!!  Crazy...I know.

So, I've needed a grocery bad holder for a while, and I couldn't bring myself to buy one, because I just knew I could make one, {even though I had no idea how} :).

Then I found this tutorial on making a quilted grocery bag dispenser, it gave me all of the information for the basics of putting one together.

When my sister came into town I found out she needed one too, so I put one together for her, {except skipped the quilting...I'm just not there would have probably taken me forever to fuss over getting it perfect}.  So, anyways, I got it done, it was cute...and I was left without one! :)  So I made another...but I didn't care for it as much {I'm terrible...and didn't really measure...I pretty much just winged it}, so the second was too long and I gave it to my mom.  :)

One more try and I've finally got one for myself...hooray!!

So, here's a picture of it.
 OH!!!  And I finished my skylight curtains....the pictures not great...but I really like them! :)
 Last, but not least~ I made some fabric covered containers for my Box Tops for my sister's kids, and to hold straws.  And yes, I realized after I made it that Box Topps only has one p in it...guess I was thinking back to collecting baseball cards...TOPPS brand.  :)  Too funny...going to have to leave it.

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