Thursday, July 22, 2010

So, I've pretty much accomplished NOTHING today!!  Nothing crafty at least.  

I put Lillian's blinds back up in her room (they'd been laying on the floor since I took them down to paint a couple weeks ago).  I finished taping the hallway and taking off all of the outlet covers so that I can primer tomorrow and paint this weekend before my sister get's here.  I was GOING to sew new curtains for the playroom skylights, but changed my mind on the I've got the new one pinned up, testing it out to make sure I like it.

And...I've cared for, fed and played with three kids all day...I guess maybe that's enough.  And who knows...the nights still young, and I've been eye-ing my sewing area for the last hour, so I think I'm going to go make some progress on my quilt.

Oh!  And I think I decided today that I'm going to make matching aprons for my daughter and her two cousins who are coming to visit.  They get here maybe I should spend some time figuring that out (considering I've never made an apron before).  :)

Exciting stuff.  Better get to it.

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