Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Breakfast over...and another post? Couldn't have been anything THAT exciting happened during breakfast to necessitate another post!?!!? Ahh...but yes...nothing is ever boring with these little ones. I was going to attempt to do some dishes, but of course the kids are all finished eating and needed help getting down, so I let Matthew (the 18mo old) down, and take Lillian (my 3 1/2 yo) to the potty. Everything is going fine, until Matthew runs in to show me the knife he's found in the dishwasher...excitedly shouting HIYA-HIYA (too much Kung Fu Panda). And of course when I go to take it from him, he turns to run. Thankfully I got it from him, and no one got hurt...except maybe my nerves...they've been on the fritz lately anyways.

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