Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick little ones

It seems like we've been sick more this season than usual.  Poor Lilly, this is day three of not being able to keep down any food.  I've put a call into the Dr and they're going to call me back.  Poor thing, she's just such a little sweet heart, all she wants to do is lay in bed and watch Princess movies.  

Over the weekend we moved a little tv into her room for a special Fairy Campout, it wasn't supposed to be a permanent move, but it's working out nicely for now.  And we put a make-shift canopy (aka sheet) over her bed, that she LOVES.  

So one of our next projects is going to have to be to make her a real canopy for over her bed.  I've been looking online to find some good ideas.  I found this REALLY cute one from Pottery Barn Kids (of course! I love everything Pottery Barn!) :)

But I also think she might REALLY like one that covers her whole bed!  Maybe more like this one:

Except she doesn't have a 4-poster bed, so we'd have to figure something out.  But my dad just happens to be an AMAZING craftsman and artist who can make literally anything!!  So I know he'd help me whip something up if I asked.

But for now, the sheet is working wonderfully.  ;)

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  1. Wowwee, I should think a fairy canopy like that will make her feel better, but she might want to spend all her time in her little castle! Hope she's feeling better today.