Friday, November 12, 2010

100 Posts!

I can't believe I've already hit 100 blog posts!  Time sure is flying! I've found so many awesome blogs, and found so much inspiration from fellow quilters, crafters and sewers, I've got my entire plate full of wonderful projects to do.  Hmmm...actually, it may have been full before I started it's overflowing!!  :)

It's been a busy always is, and I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to.  I have so many projects to share...a giveaway that is totally many new projects I've found that I want to share...sick mother-in-law who is coming into town tomorrow...and a continuing whooshing in my ear that is slowly driving me insane! :)  Went to the doc about help, but it's really starting to be a problem.  I can't concentrate and sometimes can't hear over the sound of my pulse in my ear.  :(  I told my husband I feel like the character from Edgar Allen Poe's famous Poem, Tell Tale Heart where the character murders a man, and buries him under the floor boards and he thinks he hears the dead man's heart and it slowly drives him nutty.  (I only relate to the last part....not the murdering someone and burying them part.)  :)

So anyways...the giveaway is going to be postponed until after my husband's mom visits.  And I probably won't be posting too much for the next week too.  Not that that is much of a change from lately!~ :)

Hope everyone had a great Veteran's Day! And oorah to any Marines out there who celebrated the Marine Corps 235th Birthday on Wednesday!

Semper Fi Marines!

OH!  And I started ANOTHER blog...I know how many does one girl need!??!?!  I love catching freebies and awesome deals....maybe that's just a nice way of saying...I'M CHEAP.  Whatever you call it, I really want to share some of the awesome deals I'm finding with others, but I don't want it to bog down my crafty I started one just for giveaways, freebies, coupons and awesome deals.  So if anyone is ahem (cheap)....I mean...interested...head on over to 

It's not very pretty YET....but once I get a couple more spare minutes I'll try and dress it up a little bit! :)

Take care everyone...have a great weekend!!!

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