Friday, October 29, 2010

Down to the Wire!

Tomorrow is the last day for entering into the Joann's Craft for a Cause Contest...and we'll just say...I'm not done yet!!!  Eeeekkkk!!!  Of course, I might have been able to get more accomplished last night if my favorite show wasn't on!!!  Hellllloooo  Grey's Anatomy! :)  It's so funny, my husband is even addicted now to, and refers to it as 'our show'.  How funny!! enough chit chat...I've got some sewing to do!!!  And then once I'm done with this quilt, I've got a couple of Halloween costumes to finish up!  It's never as fun unless it's finished at the very last minute! :)

Happy Friday everybody and Happy Halloween!!  Muuuaaahhhaahaaa

(oh oh last thing...I've got a great new idea that I can't WAIT to share with everybody!  But it's still in the figuring out process, so I'll fill you all in when I get more information! :) yay yay yay...I'm REALLY excited about this one!  And it's going to involve all of you guys!!!)  :)

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