Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a Bummer

How many times have my kids dropped my digital camera and it's survived unscathed?  Too many to count, so many times that I no longer really worried about it when the kids bounced it off the floor.  Weeelllll...I guess one too many times, because the digital camera the hubby only bought a few years ago is no longer with us.  The viewing screen has a diagonal crack through it (so that all you see is black sadness) and the flash is no longer working. 
I kept thinking that I would like to take a picture of the little broken screen to put on here...but...well...I have no camera.  Silly.  Oh well, such is life.  I do have an older digital camera that I gave to my brother (but he's not using it, so he shouldn't really mind my taking it back.)  :)  But the thing I will miss is the video recording feature, I never realized how many times during the week I actually video tape the kids until the cameras not there to catch the moment.  For example...the kids were coloring last night and I noticed Matthew rapidly shaking his left arm in the I watched for a little bit longer.  Turns out every time the little guy uses his right arm to draw quick marks back and forth on the paper, he needs his left arm to do the same motion to give him momentum!!  :)  Little knucklehead. pictures today.  Maybe I'll find some old ones to post later....(until I get the other camera back from my brother).  :)

Tomorrow's Friday!  Hooray Hooray!

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  1. Sorry about your fun when trying to blog. I had to make a special bag for mine because my husband kept banging it against everything when we were out and about...