Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nice little packages!

Last Tuesday I was one of the lucky winners of the Talkin' Tuesdays tweet-along giveaway.  And it's here already!!  Came in the mail this morning...yay! 

Thank you SO Fabrics N' Quilts for the BEAUTIFUL fabric.  I can't wait to stare at this fabric...pull it with it...look at it some more...and SOME DAY get up the nerve to cut it and finally make something with it! :)

AND!!!  Yesterday I received ANOTHER package in the mail!  A while ago a won a giveaway over at  Sugar Pop Ribbons Reviews and Giveaways.  I won an adorable Whoot Whoot plush owl from BWinks store on Etsy.  I was anxiously awaiting this package...because I KNEW my daughter would love this!

And she does!  She named him Mr. Twitchy...and she's taken him EVERYWHERE with her since she got him.  She even did a little tea party with him as her main was SO cute! :)

So yay for giveaways....and especially for winning them!!! :)  And of course all of the amazing people hosting them.  Thank you SO much!

Happy weekend everyone! ;)

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  1. I am soo glad that she loves her Owl, Mr. Twitchy!! Congrats on the Win!!

    Cheers, BWinks ;)

    Would you share your photos on BWinks' Facebook?