Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Whew...what a day!

I actually got some stuff accomplished today!!  Hooray!  Last night I started making some shorts for Matthew out of some pretty cute camo print with monkeys flannel I had, so I finished those this morning.  Pretty cute for not using a pattern.  :)  (I don't know why I don't use patterns...I have a whole box full!...weird).  

Then I FINALLY made the little pink princess dress with the material I bought from the remnants bin...>STEAL!  Of course, I realize that it's cheating because the material already comes smocked...but it's still cute, and I made some straps out of little flowery material I had, and I really liked how it came out.  

Lilly before I added the straps....messy morning hair and all!  I love it!!! :)

And...the straps! :)

And THEN I worked on my quilt.  I'd been putting it off, because I was intimidated by the binding/trim.  Here's the deal:  I'm making due with material I already have, which wouldn't normally be such a big deal, but it's my FIRST quilt, and I don't know what I'm doing!!!  So...my backing is smaller than the size I'd like my quilt to end up, so I added a 5" border to my backing that will be a wrap-around binding.  And I actually did it!!!  I have the backing all done, now I just need to sandwich, sew the binding to the front and figure out how/if I'm going to quilt it.  My first thought was to just do straight lines say...1/4 inch from each block seam, vertical and horizontal....but I'm not sure if it will even all fit through my machine.  So I may end up tying knots of either yarn, or floss.  Not sure yet.  Can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow!!!  Hopefully I'll actually have time to get to it!

Picture of my wrap-around binding///trim///border....not sure what you'd call it.  :)

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