Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sew, Mama, Sew is giving away a Husqvarna Viking Serger!!!

What an amazing giveaway!!! To enter, you must answer the question: 'How would your life be better with a serger?' And here is my answer...sorry if it's a bit long-winded. ;)

~Oh, let me count the ways I could use a new serger....My sad little crafting area is so lonely with only my simple little 10 stitch Singer sewing machine, it needs a friend! I have been in the process of trying to start my own at-home sewing business for the last couple of years. Every time I start making some real progress, something comes up and slows me down. Don't get me wrong, that's not going to stop me, I'm absolutely determined to make this work! It's just going to take some patience. Just as I started trying to inventory my fabric and get ready to start making some products for selling, we had a devastating fire in our apartment. (When those little aerosol cans say flammable....THEY MEAN IT!) Like lots of people I kept my spray paints on a shelf in the laundry room, when one accidentally got knocked down and began to spray, I thought nothing of picking it up to try to fix it. Unfortunately, the heat from the dryer was enough that it ignited the fumes in the tiny little room and the spray can burst into flames in my hands, inches from my face. Somehow, miraculously, I came away from the incident with only second and third degree burns on my hands, face, fingers and arms...which was incredibly lucky considering the circumstances. In fact, the fire Inspector told my family after the incident that I was lucky to have gotten out of laundry room at all. As the force of the fire had closed the laundry door behind me, if there had not been a sprinkler in the room that instantly put out the flames, I most likely would not have been able to get out. Although my physical injuries healed incredibly fast, the trauma of the whole ordeal still remains...even just writing about it makes my eyes well. But out of this horrible incident has emerged some amazing good, some redefining of my goals in life. While at the Burn Unit of Harborview Medical Hospital I joked that I had never slept on more uncomfortable blankets in my life! It also opened my eyes to the unbelievable pain and trauma that fire victims go through, and it was absolutely more than I could have ever imagined. I decided right away that I wanted to do something. I was able to collect donations from my family and friends and brought over 15 bags of crayons, markers, puzzles, and coloring books to the children's wing of the Burn Center. And I'm about to make a second trip in the next few weeks. Ultimately though, my desire is to have my business support making blankets and colorful children's hospital gowns for the Burn Center. I am in the process of coordinating with the hospital right now. And this is where your help could come in wonderfully! :) I don't know that my little beginner's Singer is going to be able to create the hospital-grade products that are needed, so I may have to replace it to move forward. But a big-time Serger could definitely help do the job!! So not only would MY life be better with this amazing machine, but so would so many others who I hope to help, even if just by giving them a soft blanket to comfort them in a very painful and scary time in their lives.

Thanks for the opportunity to share. :)
Teresa Weatherly

To check out all of the information, head on over to Sew, Mama, Sew!

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