Thursday, August 19, 2010


Title pretty much sums it up.  I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now.  The house is a disaster!  Dishes, toys, laundry...laundry...laundry, messy yard, dirty floors, ANTS!!!  And to top that cat keeps dragging crap out of her litter box onto my playroom floor!!!  How am I supposed to handle that?  I looked at getting an auto litter box...but they're hundreds of dollars!  She's literally never been closer to being out the door.  But Lillian loves her, and it would break my heart to make Lilly sad.

I just don't know.  I'm trying to keep everything together and be optimistic about my 'business', but right now it's just feeling so far away.  What do I have to offer that's unique from anyone else?  Doesn't feel like much lately.  {Insert HUGE sigh}....maybe it's just been a rough week.

On a crafty note, I started piecing together a Snow White dress for Lilly...sans pattern of course, we'll see how this one turns out.  At least it's just play clothes and no one has to see it if it's a trainwreck! :)

I better go try and do some I've got a cup of coffee that's going to get cold if I don't get to it soon.  And Allen will be home soon...he always brightens my day.  OH!  I Just remembered 'House of Smith's' has a hilarious video of them dancing that they put up on their blog....I'm going to go watch it again...that's SURE to lift my sour mood.  :)

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