Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My new sewing machine

So...I think I mentioned that I bought a new sewing/embroidery machine because it was HUGELY discounted.  Well, I'm so conflicted.  I thought it came with the feet that I needed to do quilting...but it doesn't.  I wasn't sure what the names of the feet were (because they seem to sometimes be called different things) so the picture on the side of the box looked like a darning foot...NOPE, it was the embroidery attachment!  And no walking foot!!  So I'm no closer to quilting!  AAAHHH....I didn't realize I didn't have all of the tools when I first started....I just began, and now I'm at a road block.  -poo-

Secondly, I really liked the little decorative stitches with leaves and little flowers that come with the Brother machine I had been eying.  This machine doesn't have those either!  And 'PED' which allows you to download designs from the internet didn't come with the machine like I thought either!  Of course not, that's an extra $100!!!  So...why am I keeping the machine????  Because even if I return this one and get the one I was originally looking at, I'll want to get an embroidery machine eventually, and then I'll kick myself if I have to pay full price! is stressful!

Oh, and did I mention that the other 'Brother' comes with BOTH walking foot AND darning?!??!  I really don't want to have to spend the extra money to go get that machine too...but I'm not sure what else to do.  I'm feeling a bit discouraged.

Plus I just heard from the woman at the Hospital burn center, it looks like making children's hospital gowns are a no-go.  They outsource their laundry, so there would be no way to ensure they got the same ones back.  What a bummer...I had thought that was such a great idea.  I'm not giving up, I'll find something that I can do to bring some color and cheer to the kids.  I collected a TON of beads from some very generous people and I can't wait to take them in for the kids to do crafts with.  And I'm going to try out some other ideas for things to help them.

Besides all of that...I'm having fun trying out my new embroidery machine.  I've embroidered a couple of designs, one that I made into a little shirt for my daughter's little stuffed was pretty cute.  And I got to test out the new machines stability when my brother came over and asked me to sew a couple of patches onto his leather motorcycle vest.  Worked AMAZING!  And the patches looked pretty good too.  Nice.

Weeks 1/2 over.  Can't wait for the weekend! :)  Happy hump day!

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