Friday, August 20, 2010

I've got some plans....

So I just got home from the store with some awesome new fabric. I love it!  I loved even more at the store, but I had to restrain myself.  So here's what I got:

I've got a couple of skirts that I want to make for Lillian, a Birthday present to make for her little friend, who's B-day party is next weekend.  I want to make an I-Spy quilt, and I'm going to make some little sewn dollies.  I really can't wait to get started...but I'm waiting for the towels in the dryer to get done so I can move on to drying my new fabric.  I wish I had some more followers, because I really need some advice on how to not have all my fabric fray into oblivion when I wash it?  I actually thought about zigzagging the raw edges...but I just don't know if that would be WAY too much work and just be kind of silly??!??  I tend to have mixed feelings when I go to wash my fabrics for the first time....Glad that I'll be able to use it soon...but Sad to know that it will come out of the dryer looking so tore up and 'less' than it's former self. ;(

On a positive note, my daughter is adorable...a bit biased, I know...but she needed another princess crown, so we threw this one together in a few seconds time and she decorated it with puffy paint.  It was so funny...she used her imagination for what the little blobs were, things like mermaids and flowers...VERY imaginative.  :)

Did I mention we're attempting to make a Snow White dress???  Not going so well.  I should have bought fabric for THAT today.  But I'm stubborn and thought I could still use the stuff I have lying around at home....hmmm....we'll see.

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