Friday, August 13, 2010

I hate ANTS!!!

First thing this morning...ants!  Under my kitchen table (I mean...of course they're under the kitchen table, between Matthew and Lillian they drop enough food to feed those little pests all year long!!  I digress.)  I was having a perfectly fine morning until I spotted them down there covering an innocently overlooked gold fish by Matthew's chair.  To be honest, I'd rather see a gigantic spider go across the floor than all those ants!  Something about them just makes me bonkers.  Anywhoo, they're cleaned up now, and I'm sure they'll have found the cat dish again by the time I walk in there next.  I just can't escape them.  {sigh} What are ya gonna do?  (Besides sweep an infuriating number of times a day?)  Ah well, such is life.  At least it's Friday, and we're going out for pizza tonight.  Hooray for pizza!

~Teresa :)

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